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For corporate-level risk analysis solutions, please refer to RISKO

ECVaR is a software solution for measuring, analyzing and managing portfolio risk using historical VaR and CVaR methodologies. Traditional Value-at-Risk, Beta VaR, Component VaR, Conditional VaR and backtesting modules are incorporated on the current version, which lets you work with individual assets, portfolios, asset groups and multi currency investments. An integrated optimizer can solve for the minimum CVaR portfolio based on market data and investor preferences, offering the best risk benchmark that can be produced. A module capable of doing Stochastic Simulation allows you to graph the CVaR-Return space for all feasible portfolios.

VaR and CVaR Measures

VaR is an estimate of how much a certain portfolio can lose within a given time horizon and at a given confidence level (error probability). ECVaR calculates absolute VaR and VaR relative to mean (expected return).

Component VaR

Component VaR: Or marginal VaR is calculated by estimating the portfolio VaR before and after including an asset. Let ECVaR manage the weights and currency conversions. The main advantage of the Component VaR approach versus conventional VaR is that it may produce a very clear analysis of overall risk .

Beta VaR

Beta VaR measure quantifies the risk contribution of one asset to the portfolio VaR. The Beta coefficient estimates the sensitivity of the single asset return to changes on the market or portfolio return.

You can create, save and load single or multicurrency portfolios with great versatility. Also, it is possible to group assets by country, currency, sector, trader…, so partial risk measures (current and historical) can be generated or simulated.
VaR and CVaR Simulations

VaR and CVaR Simulations: ECVaR computes VaR and CVaR over different horizons and displays graphs with tables showing returns and expected losses for several periods. In addition, ECVaR simulates the evolution of VaR and CVaR over the history of you portfolio.

CVaR Histogram

Histograms: ECVaR shows clear return histograms of every asset, portfolio assets, VaR and CVaR (showing the expected losses zone). This information may be exported to other programs and used as the base of risk reports.


Optimization: ECVaR features a numerical optimization module that can find the portfolio with the minimum CVaR measure, even for very large portfolios. This way, you can always count with an unbeatable risk benchmark.

ECVaR is a stand-alone application. No additional software or external libraries are needed. A a result, extremely fast and robust computations can be done with outstanding stability.
Stochastic Simulation

CVaR-Return Stochastic Simulations: ECVaR allows you to explore the space that contains the combinations of Risk (measured by CVaR) and Return of every feasible portfolio. A crosshair indicates your current position, so you can really know how your portfolio is performing compared to the global optimum.



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